Thursday, March 14, 2013

Pi Day

I don't have a strong attachment to Pi. But, I do have a strong attachment to pie and homophones. Swiss chard, pear, and sausage pie. My favorite absurdly buttery crust, this plus sausage and cheddar instead of gruyere, and presented like this.

I wish that I was good at change, but I (like a lot of humanity) am not even close to being good at it. I am decidedly bad at it. To say that I am in a rut is an understatement. Baking something new helps, for a minute.


  1. i would fancy myself very good at change in fact I crave it. But nothing prepared me for moving to sacramento 5 years ago. The isolation of absolutely no one who gives a real crap about you in that time zone was startling. not trying to drag you down with that but to say that it will nudge you to make family-friends...the kind of friends who will hold your babies, bring you food, celebrate holidays with you because you aren't near your real family. These people will show up. And when they do know it's a gift and that it will carry you till you see your blood family. be open and they will show up.

  2. Thank you Kelly. I really appreciate that.