Wednesday, March 27, 2013

My Armpit is More Beautiful than Yours

Adam and Alma and I visited a few vineyards in Napa on a lazy beautiful Sunday a few weeks ago. Yes, it weirds me out that I can do such things. At one of the vineyards, we ended up at a standing table next to two absurdly talkative middle-aged brothers. At first they started talking to us about wine but when that didn't get much intelligent response from us, they moved on to telling us about their girlfriends and ex-wives and how the one was considering getting his 25 year old girlfriend pregnant. One brother downloaded a random dinosaur puzzle app on his phone and handed it to Alma. They asked for our contact information, offered to take us out on their boat, and eventually paid our tab. It was a little strange. 

In the middle of all that, one of the brothers asked where we were from. When I explained that we had just moved from Philadelphia, they both loudly groaned. "PHILADELPHIA!!! What an armpit. Thank God you are here!" He then went on to explain that he was from San Antonio, TX, an even bigger armpit than Philadelphia, so he was allowed to say that. 

[Insert really long rant on how Philadelphia is overlooked and underrated and may be filled with more delicious food than San Francisco. Yes, I mean that.] Whatever dude, my armpit is pretty and I miss it.

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