Monday, March 18, 2013

Nothing says "Happy Birthday!!!" quite like owl puke

It is an obvious fact that I miss the people that are no longer within a two hour drive of me.  But this feeling is most poignant and novel when it relates to little people. There is now 3,000 miles between me and the best collection of imaginative, creative, brilliant, hysterical nieces and nephews a girl could ask for. There is even a little nephew whom I have not met yet (it hurts to write that sentence). It feels epically unfair to be so far away from them and miss their joys and feats. Enter the party in a box (I didn't send the cat but only because the last time I brought a cat into the same house as the recipient's  mom, the mom ended up in the hospital for a few days and I kind of like that girl and she has enough on her plate as it is). A simple party box for a five year old boy: Number Piñata, Slimy Experiment Kit, Candle, Hat, Poppers and Noise maker, and Owl Puke. My favorite part was the owl puke.

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