Tuesday, March 19, 2013


I have a special attachment to Easter. As an end of March baby, my birthday always wound up being somewhere near the holiday. I have scores of egg themed birthday parties in my past. For instance, at my 7th birthday we had an easter egg hunt. It was all harmless fun until my brothers got involved. They hid several eggs that had not been hardboiled. And, because they were 9-13 year old boys, they preceded to throw those eggs at me. What girl doesn't want to be covered in egg yolk at her birthday party? I tell that story often, but it really is one of only a hand full of "it was SO hard growing up with 3 older brothers" stories. They really weren't that awful, but don't tell them that. 

My birthday last year was all about pretending I was a kid and wasn't in the middle of a very grownup BAD year. There was an old school sleep over and penny candy I got from the Amish store behind my grandparent's house in Lancaster.  And cascarones. Cascarones are hollowed out eggs which are filled with confetti and are meant to be broken over the heads of party-goers. It's the responsible version of the game my brothers played on my 7th birthday. We played the game in my all time favorite city park, Washington Square in Philadelphia. It was fantastic.



Sometimes I use the brillant blogs of others as inspiration and tweak ideas so much that they become my own. Sometimes, I take an idea just as it is. This was the latter.

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