Saturday, May 25, 2013

Day Trip of Beautiful

This town is a town made for day trips. Conveniently, my friend Kindra is a friend made for road trips.   Kindra, Alma, and I took a trip down route one to Big Sur a few weeks ago. Kindra was up for stopping and exploring everything and anything and that is exactly what we did.

The drive down route one is a thing of mystery and beauty filled with vistas and rocks and cliffs to explore. Also, apparently, dead trees for posing.

I found Swanton Berry Farm a few weeks previously and had been dreaming about the blackberry pie ever since. Its filled with kitch and all things delicious. It made the perfect lunch stop. Yes, pie is a perfectly respectable lunch.

    We found three amazing beaches. Each one was epic and would have made for a good day by themselves. All three made for something else all together. 

 So, when are you coming to visit?

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